Creative Learning

Now you have seen Skyhawk do you want to know more about ospreys like Iris?

  •  Be like Callum and take a look at these links:

  •  Watch the ospreys flying and hunting just like Iona:

  • Would you like to make friends with girls and boys like Jeneba? Get your school to join the Flyways project with the Rutland Osprey project:

  • Callum’s dad built a tree-house, why don’t you build a bird?

  •  Rob enjoys playing games – why not teach your friends the Big Fish, Little Fish and Bird’s Nest game you played at the theatre? Instructions are overleaf.
  • Lots of wildlife need our help why not find out how you can help like Callum and Jeneba: 

 Play a Game

Big Fish, Little Fish, Bird’s Nest Game

  • Get everyone to stand in a circle.
  • In turn each player says one of the phrases with the accompanying movement. You can say the phrases in any order:

Big Fish               you put your hands out close together

Little Fish            you put your hands out far apart

Bird’s Nest          you make the shape of a circle with your hands

  • Let everyone have one turn as a trial, but after that any player making a mistake or hesitating sits down in the circle and acts as an referee.
  •  When two players are left the game is over and both have ”won.”



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